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Do you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of a home remodeling task? Are you considering simply hiding in your dining room -- even though it has the wrong crown molding and still lacks that built-in cabinet you crave -- because you just can't deal with it all?

Don't worry, you're not alone in this. Remodeling your home and putting in-house additions is stressful for any homeowner. Interior renovation of even one or two rooms can prove disruptive to your life and very expensive, especially if you work with the wrong home improvement contractor.

Well, guess what? Here at More for Less Remodeling, you don't have to worry about that. We use detailed, fair contracts to avoid scope creep (the tendency of contractors to need more time and more money), and prioritize your project to the end, so we're out of your hair as quickly as possible. Which also means you're into your new life as quickly as possible.

Interior Home Additions & Renovation That Match Your Vision in St. Louis County MO

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While you may love your home and neighborhood, sometimes the house itself just can't support your needs any longer. Perhaps you have a growing family, require a new studio or have a parent coming to live with you. Whatever your reason, you want to grow without leaving your beloved area -- and home additions or remodeling can help. But only if you make sure to choose the right remodeling company.

When you search for a remodeling contractor you can count on, there are several things of which you should take note. These include:

    Quality of Work -

    The contractor should have a website that showcases previous projects, so you can make sure their work matches your expectations and style.

    Specialization -

    While there exist many great contractors in the St. Louis area, not all are created equal. When you're looking for an addition, you need a contractor who does more than remodeling jobs, so be sure to look for someone who has previous experience in this realm.

    Previous Experience -

    Unfortunately, some add-ons look just like that: add-ons. If you want an addition, or a new kitchen or bathroom, that matches the look, feel and age of the rest of the home, you need a contractor who knows what they're doing.

    Functionality -

    No matter how great the curb appeal of your new home is, if it doesn't serve your needs, you won't be happy.

You need a space that will match your lifestyle and needs every day, and that means being selective with the contractor you choose. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and would love to show you what we're all about here at More for Less Remodeling.

Real Craftsmanship for Lasting Results in St. Louis

Too many remodeling companies go for the low-cost option that saves money now, but leads to regret later. You need a quality, long-lasting remodeling job or home addition so that you don't end up having to fix shoddy work a few months or years down the road. We specialize in sourcing the highest-quality materials, as well as finding the best possible labor.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you, feel free to call or email today. You can also just stop by our headquarters to chat us up. We'll be happy to get you started down the road to being happier at home today!
I Highly Recommend This Company!
We just had work done by More for Less. They were wonderful! Our home is old, quirky and difficult and More for Less met the challenge. We had floors, flooring and walls replaced and I couldn't be more pleased. The guys worked so consistently and they were so nice, respectful and professional. No pushy sales pitch from Chris and very considerate to our preferences. My only regret is that when we had our bathrooms remodeled earlier this year we didn't go with More for Less. I completely and enthusiastically recommend this company. * 
Carla B. | Houzz Review